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    Development Constructions Ltd. and Foundation Consultants Ltd., are a reputed name in the field of foundation and geotechnical engineering as well as construction. The organization came into being in 1972, soon after the emergence of Bangladesh as an independent and sovereign nation. During the initial period of its inception, the company’s field of activities was mainly limited to geotechnical investigation and pile foundation. It made its mark in the relevant arena in a very short time and never looked back thereafter. With the passage of time, the company increased its activities progressively in terms of volume and discipline and rose to its present position as highly reputed multidiscipline engineering enterprise in the country. To cope with its ever-expanding activities, a subsidiary company, namely, Development Constructions Ltd., was set up subsequently.

    Foundation Consultants Ltd., with its team of highly trained, experienced and skilled professionals comprising engineers, geologists, hydrologists, supported by up-to-date equipment, stands out from the others in the respective field for its outstanding performance. During last 28 years it has accomplished innumerable challenging jobs which include Flyover, Railway Bridges, Highway Bridges with Pre-stressed Concrete Girders, Jetties with large diameter piles and Pre-stressed Concrete Girders/RCC Girder and Deck Slab both for Ocean Going Vessels and in land River Ports, Dolphin Jetty for LPG Terminal, Multi-storey Factory Building with Pre-Cast RCC Drilled shaft foundation and pre-stressed concrete Flat Slab concept, Clinker SILO and Cement SILO with RCC and pre-stressed Concrete shell using SlipForm. Massive Overhead R.C.C Water Reservoirs, Large Diameter Water Mains, Water Treatment Plant, Pre-cast R.C.C Piles and Large Diameter Bored Cast–in-situ R.C.C Piles etc. Its achievements also include providing perfect foundations and geotechnical service to lots of bridges, industrial installations, deep tube wells, pump houses, regulators etc. In fact, creditable entries in the record of performance of the company are countless.

    The company has also made innovative contribution to the faculty of foundation engineering through continuous research and analysis. In this connection, the know-how of “Compaction sand Pile Foundation” in multistoried building construction and “Confined Sand Column with Grouted Tips for Foundation in Soft Ground” evolved by the company may, particularly, be referred to. The Managing Director of the company, on various occasions, presented a number of papers on the subject in different international forums where the same were highly appreciated as basic conceptual contribution to the faculty.

    The company is known for its pioneering role in introducing up-to date equipment and advanced know how in Bangladesh. It has introduced masonry well in building foundations in weak ground in Bangladesh. It has recently introduced Electronic Cone Penetration test for Soil using 40 Ton Hydraulic Thrust Machine, Computerized Pile Integrity Test and Dynamic Load Testing of pile in Bangladesh with the co-operation of Pile Dynamic Inc., USA. This has given a new dimension to geotechnical and foundation engineering in Bangladesh. Besides, the company has already advanced its capability through introduction of know-how like “Pre-stressed Concrete in Silo Construction” and “Pre-stressed Concrete in Railway Bridge Girders”. All these, combined with dynamic and efficient management are bound to usher greater success to the company in the coming days.


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| New Service: Drilling & Installation of Deep Tube Well |