RESOURCES WE USE FOR DESIGN AND INVESTIGATION                                                                                                                         

A. FIELD EQUIPMENTS :             
SI. No. Name of plant, Machinery of equipment Country of Manufacture / Model Year of Manufacture Capacity Quantity Present Location Present condition 
1 KOKEN Heavy Duty Drilling Machine RK-2:  RK-2, 540   1985 High pressureup to 70 Kg/Square-cm (Capable of drilling and rock coring by diamond bit upto 450 m depth) with 10T Static Cone Penetration Test attachment.   3 Sets. Cental Strore Running
2 Drilling Rig Tone Model “THS-C” Japan made with mud pump etc. complete THS-IC 1989 Capable of drilling and rock coring. with diamond bit upto 1000 ft.) with packer Tests Assembly etc. 1 Set. Cental Strore Running
3 Electronic Cone Penetration Test (ECPT) GME-500 (IP65) 1 Unit Made in The Netherlands. 2001 Apparatus with DATA -ACQUISITION SYSTEM Software, a Pentium (H) Processor, 32 MB 6 GB hard disk and Hydraulic Thrust Machine of 30Ton capacity.    Cental Strore Running
It measures, calculates and checks:
i) Cone resistance 
ii) Local Sleeve friction 
iii) Inclination 
iv) Pore Pressure
v) Conductivity 
vi) Acidity (pH)
vii) Penetration Depth 
viii) Temperature 
ix) Permittivity
x) Penetration speed
xi) Redox 
xii) Time
xiii) Fuel Fluorescence response 
4 Soil Boring & Testing Rig complete. Local  1980-89   12 Sets. Cental Strore Running
5 Piston Pump Local      2 Nos. Cental Strore Running
6 Vane Shear Set  India     1 Nos. Cental Strore Running
7 Plate Bearing & Evaluation of Sub-grade Reaction.  Local      6 Nos. Cental Strore Running
8 Mud Pump. Italy     7 Nos.  Cental Strore Running
9 Water Pump (Centrifugal). Italy     7. Nos. Cental Strore Running
10 3 Ton Pickup for Transportation. Japan     3 Nos. Cental Strore Running
11 Four Wheel Drive Jeep.       2 Nos. Cental Strore Running
12 Tools for Running the Drilling Rigs Substantial Quantity.       Cental Strore Running
13 Well equipped workshop for repair and maintenance of equipment.        1 Cental Strore Running
1 Unconfined Compression for rocks and soils        3 Geotech Lab Running
2 Atterberg Limits        1 Geotech Lab Running
3 Natural Moisture Content for rocks and soils.         Geotech Lab Running
4 Specific Gravity for rocks and soils.       2 Geotech Lab Running
5 Grain size Analysis (both sieve and hydrometer). 1 Geotech Lab Running
6 Unit Weight (Dry & Wet) for rocks and soils          Geotech Lab Running
7 Consolidation       6 Geotech Lab Running
8 Direct Shear        2 Geotech Lab Running
9 Tri-axial –Model EL25-284/01 with accessories Viz. Digital readout unit for un-drained tri-axial tests, submersible load transducer, Pressure Transducer module and XY/I recorder complete, Suitable for point load testing of rocks. 1 Geotech Lab Running
10 Permeability        2 Geotech Lab Running
11 Compaction        4 Geotech Lab Running
12 C.B.R. Tests        1 Geotech Lab Running
13 Drying Ovens        2 Geotech Lab Running
14 Field Density of Back fill.       1 Geotech Lab Running
15 Petrography, Visual and Microscopic equipment          Geotech Lab Running
1 Pentium-4, Computers.       14 H/O Running
2 Pentium-3 Laptop Computers       3 H/O Running
3 One Unit HP DesignJet 800 (Size 42")      Product type - Plotter, Product Family - HP DesignJet, Product Name - 800 Print, Quality - Ultimate line and photo quality Resolution - 2400 x 1200 dpi, Speed - Line drawings in fast mode 60 seconds (D-size bond paper) Image in fast mode 3 minutes 54 second (D-size), Memory - 96MB RAM and 6 GB Hard Disk. Minimum 160MB RAMP and 6GB Hard Disk. 1 H/O Running
4 One Number EPSON LQ 300 Printer.       1 H/O Running
5 Three Numbers HP Laser Jet 6P, 1100 HP Laser Jet and 1200 HP Laser Jet.       1 H/O Running
6 One BJC-2100SP CANON Bubble Jet Printer.       1 H/O Running
7 One HP ColorPro Graphics Plotter.       1 H/O Running
8 Computers Operated by AutoCAD 2004       14 H/O Running
9 ADAPT-PT Software for analysis and design of pre-stressed (post tensioned) flat slab &pre-stressed beams/girders. USA     1 H/O Running
10 ADAPT-FELT Software for analysis of loss in pre-stressed (post tensioned) member USA     1 H/O Running
11 STAAD Pro 2004 Software for Analysis (2D/3D) and design of Structures. USA     1 H/O Running
12 GEOSTUDIO 2004 Software for Geotechnical Analysis. Canada     1 H/O Running
13 NISA/CIVIL USA   NISA/CIVIL Software for analysis and design of pre-stressed as well as RCC Structures. Offering CAD based solution encountered in the Analysis, Design of reinforced concrete, steel and pre-stressed structures. The output will be both in design document format and drawings will be in AutoCAD format. Following are the Salient features related to moving loads as applied to bridges and fly-overs available in   H/O Running
i) Vehicle Configuration and Vehicle Group.
ii) Path Specification.
iii) Wheel Load Direction and distribution.
iv) Automatic Generation of Loads due to Vehicle Movement on Railway and Highway Bridges.
v) Pre-stressed Loads.
vi) Static Analysis.
vii) Wheel Load Direction and distribution.
viii) Graphic Display of the above features.
ix) Transient Dynamic Analysis under Moving Loads.
x) Comprehensive Vehicle Database.