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OUR KEY PERSONNEL                                                                                                                                                                                      

Designation                         Name                                                                                        Experience      

Managing Director                MD. NURUL AMIN                                                                 40 Years.

                                                B.Sc. Engineer. (Civil)

                                                FIE (B), M SEAGS, Member ASCE, USA.

                                                Member, Deep Foundation Institute

                                                Cliffs U.S.A.

Director Mechanical             ASAADUZZAMAN A.B.M.                                                     49 Years.

                                                B.Sc. Engineer. (Mech)


Director                                  SABINA SHAHNAZ (REMY AMIN)                                      12 Years.

                                                M.Sc. Engineer (Civil). USA.


Director                                  SONIA SHAHNAJ (SONY AMIN)                                         12 Years.

                                                M.Sc. Engineer. USA.


Director                                  CHAITANNA KUMAR MANDAL                                         18 Years.

(Planning & Cost)                  B.Sc. Engineer. (Civil)


Director                                   NURUL AMIN TALUKDAR                                                 32 Years.

(Field Operation)


Director Technical                  MEHEDY AMIN                                                                     4   Years.

                                                 M. Sc. Engineer (Civil)
                                                 Magna Cum Laude with Distinction
                                                 The Ohio State University, U.S.A.
                                                 Awards:  O.S.U Graduate Fellowship

                                                                 C.N. Brown Scholarship
                                                                 Karl. V. Taylor Memorial Scholarship

                                                                 O.S.U College of Engineering Research Award


Director Operations              SAADY AMIN                                                                          5   Years.

                                                M. Sc. Engineer (Civil)
                                                Magna Cum Laude with Distinction
                                                The Ohio State University, U.S.A.
                                                Awards: O.S.U College of Engineering Research Award
                                                               O.S.U Civil Engineering Alumni Scholarship


Senior Advisor                      M. K. CHATTERJEE                                                             44 Years.

                                                M.Sc. Engineer. (Civil)

                                                Member: Indian Road Congress,

                                                Member: Various IRC Codes/

                                                Bridge Standard Committees.


Senior Advisor                      ABDUR RAHMAN KHAN                                                    41 Years.

                                                B.Sc. Engineer. (Civil)
                                                FIE (B), Member ASCE, USA.
                                                Member, American Concrete Institute


Senior Advisor                      A.K.M. AKHTARUZZAMAN                                                  20 Years.

                                                M.Sc. Engineer. (Civil)


Design Engineer                   MOHAMMAD MOSLEM UDDIN                                          9   Years.

                                                B.Sc. Engineer (Civil)


Project Engineer                   A.R. FARUOQUE                                                                   21 Years.

                                                M.Sc. Engineer. (Civil) MEL. MOSCOW, USSR